Premium Offroad LED Lighting

ILLUMINATI LED WHIP Installation Guide

1. Insert the 2” Alan bolt through the bottom of whip holster, then through your mounting application (sold separately). Use the locking nut and washer and faster the holster securely.

2. Once base is mounted: Insert Led Whip Flag into the holster aligning the wire coming from the base with the groove in the holster.

3. Slide the Locking Pin through the opening at the bottom of the holster to securely attach the whip to the application.

4. Screw-in clockwise the ip68 wiring harness for powering the Led Whip.

5. Run the + and – leads from the wiring harness to your 12V powering source.

            OPTIONAL: If running the Led Whip to a rocker switch, then refer to wiring diagram found at

6. Due to their being countless ways of joining the wires, it is the buyer’s choice as to how to join the wires going to the battery (twist, solder, wire crimps, heat shrink etc).

7. It is recommended a 5 amp inline fuse be used, but not required, professional installation is highly recommended.